Athlete of the Month: Guy Smith

Guy Smith started at CrossFit Amplitude nearly three years ago with the goal of getting in shape and losing weight. Since his fitness journey began, CrossFit has become a staple in his daily routine and it is not uncommon to see Guy at the gym five days a week. Guy enjoys the sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing a grueling WOD, especially those that include his least desirable movements – running and the overhead squat.

Many see Guy around the gym and are often impressed by the ease at which he tackles most WODs, however, this was not always so. At the baseline assessment, under the supervision of Josh Coleman, Guy got about 4 minutes in and stopped due to sheer exhaustion. He realized then that he was out of shape and needed a drastic change. After 30 minutes on the gym floor, he realized that he needed to change his lifestyle. Thankfully Guy’s daughter, Bella, was supporting him that day, and after several sips of Gatorade, Bella drove her dad home.

Guy has come a long way from that fateful first day in the gym. He has lost over 40 pounds and he is proud that he can now keep up with his children and busy family. Guy is married to wife Rezuba and they have four children. Brandon (26) is in the Army, stationed in El Paso, TX and is coming up for a promotion to captain. Bella (18) leaves for Western Carolina University in August, leaving daughter, Sierra (15) and son JJ (3) at home. As a family man, spending quality time with his loved ones is important and CrossFit has provided him more energy to do so.

Guy, thank you from all of us at CrossFit Amplitude for inspiring us and being apart big, bad, CrossFit family.