Exercise Changes Lives

Sebastian Cervar and FamilyThrough the years, I have found motivation to exercise in different places, but two constant motivators are:

  1. simple admiration for the human body and all it is capable of doing
  2. the ability to influence others through a healthy lifestyle.

Since I was a little boy, sports have fuelled my competitive nature. I wasn’t a brash kid that talked a big game, but I looked forward to a challenge and showing other kids that hard work and dedication pay off. As the years went on, I realized I had an immense opportunity to influence and empower others through my actions, and that’s when I decided to make fitness my calling.

Now as a father of three young children, I have an even greater responsibility to be a role model and instill healthy lifestyle habits upon them. The best part is the great reward that comes with such a responsibility. Over the past 12 years as a personal trainer and coach, I’ve seen numerous individuals improve on so many different levels. Simply put, it’s “freakin’ awesome!”

How Exercise Changes Lives

  1. Reduce anxiety, depression and stress—Exercise boosts natural endorphin production, which helps fight anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.
  2. Recover from accidents and injuries—Strength training builds muscles and joints, which helps people safely recover from accidents and injuries.
  3. Develop a positive body image—Fitness training will tone muscles, but more importantly, exercise helps people learn to appreciate their bodies for all of it’s capabilities.
  4. Boost energy—The more you move around, the more mitochondria your body makes to meet your energy needs. This boosts your metabolism so you can produce more energy.
  5. Shift mindset—When you exercise consistently, a shift occurs at the core of who you are. When you identify as a fit person, you stop questioning what you should do. You just go for it.

How to Start

  1. If you’re new to exercise, start small and keep at it. Start with light cardio and work your way up to greater distance and speed.
  2. Work with a personal trainer to strengthen muscles and joints. CrossFit Amplitude trainers will show you how to safely navigate the weight room and equipment.
  3. Join a group fitness community like CrossFit Amplitude to keep you motivated. We have different class options to get you moving.
  4. Just move! You’ll be amazed at what you can do in a short period of time.

Our goal is to make you better! And that brings me back to the original thought. In order to succeed at anything, you need to find your personal motivation. That takes a commitment to the process of becoming your best self. You need to stay driven when there is nobody around! Find it and dig in!

Who do you want to be in 2018?

Love you guys!

Sebastian Cervar

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CAUTION: CrossFit Amplitude May Increase Happiness, Community and Motivation

Josh Coleman and FamilyYears ago, training was just a job to me. Now it’s a way of life. Someone recently asked me why I work out. It’s very simple.

  1. Working out makes me happy.
  2. I love the community of a group workout.

Group Exercise Increases Happiness
Research at Oxford University found that working out in a group resulted in a greater release of endorphins than when working out alone, even when the same amount of work was done. Endorphins are chemicals in the brain that create a sense of excitement, exhilaration and happiness. The release of endorphins is what causes that high you feel when you finish a workout; sometimes known as a “runners high.”

Group Exercise Builds Community
At a typical gym, people usually workout solo, and conversations, if any, amount to, “Are you using this?” The community that CrossFit Amplitude has created is full of friends and family. I love sweating with these people. I love sharing stories of midnight WODs (Workout of the Day) and old battle wounds. Other members encourage you to crush your WOD, and trainers help you with technique.

Group Exercise Provides Motivation
A lot of people join a gym and seldom go. And guess what. Nobody misses them or encourages them to come out. A study from Michigan State University found that group exercise provides many people the motivation and accountability needed to exercise regularly. At CrossFit Amplitude, we know when you’ve been absent. We offer a truly unique experience…“where everybody knows your name, and YOU’RE always glad you came.”

I cannot say enough how grateful I am for CrossFit and everyone that calls CrossFit Amplitude their home.

Much Love,
Josh Coleman

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Find Your Motivation for Exercising

What’s my motivation for exercising?

Justin Plummer and familyThat’s a multiple answer question. The least important answer is, “because they say it’s good for me.”

Your doctor might advise you to keep an active lifestyle, but that’s not good enough advice to motivate most people. It’s true that regular exercise will improve your health, but we all need to discover what motivates us to develop and maintain a regular workout routine. 

I grew up playing baseball, and training was an essential part of the game. If I didn’t train, I didn’t get to play my favorite sport. Now as an adult, I’ve had to find different reasons to keep fit. I know about the physical benefits of exercise, but they don’t interest me. Here’s what does interest me and why I choose to stay physically active.

  1. I want to help others find their paths to fitness, and I do this by setting a healthy example. 
  2. I now have kids. They need to see me win. Keeping a high level of physical activity puts me in a better position to be successful. 
  3. I want my wife to still be excited when I take my shirt off — now and when we are 85 years old.  

These are just a few of my most pressing reasons why I exercise.

Think about all of the different benefits you could get out of a workout routine. Maybe it could impact your relationship. Perhaps it would help you reach the top of that really tough mountain-bike trail. It might interest you to lower your health risks — even though the doctor told you to do it.

What’s your motivation?

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